Social Blade in Seattle

This last weekend, your official Social Blade team met in Seattle, Washington to work on Social Blade, eat lots of turkey, and do some sight-seeing. Who is your Social Blade team? Most of you should be familiar with Urgo, our fearless leader and founder, the guy who writes the code and brings you the awesome stats. If you’ve ever submitted a support ticket, you are probably also familiar with Dave, our support guru. The third member of your team is me, Jenna. Until this weekend I have been in the background, not working directly with our awesome network of YouTubers, but I’m excited to see that change as I get to take over our blog. We’ve made some other changes as well, that you should see in increased efficiency and hopefully in the near future, a better, easier-to-read interface.

So with these great changes, why the recent lag in support tickets? Being a holiday weekend, we did plan on taking a day off. What we didn’t plan on was having my van was broken into, and Urgo and Dave having all of their camera equipment stolen. We spent the better part of Friday filing police reports and dealing with our respective insurance companies. Many of our plans for the weekend had to be altered since Urgo and Dave no longer had their cameras. We still ended up having a great time, and you can see some great videos we filmed on our phones, but we did fall a bit behind on support tickets in the meantime.

So from your official Social Blade team, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience the lag in support has caused. We are now caught back up on our tickets, and are eager to get back to work supporting our favorite YouTubers (that’s you!). We would love to attach a picture of our weekend, but as Urgo constantly reminds us, that would require him to have a camera.