Social Blade brings back Instagram stats, adds Facebook statistics

Social Blade brings back Instagram Statistics with engagement tracking

Back in April, Instagram’s API was shut down, as the company dealt with the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica privacy fiasco. This meant that Social Blade was no longer able to track any new users, update any profiles, or grab any new data.

Four months later, we have good news: Instagram statistics are back, and Facebook statistics are new! There are a few important changes, so read below carefully.

Who is eligible for Instagram statistics?

In short, everyone. But per Instagram’s new API rules, we’re only able to grab statistics for users with a business profile. If your account hasn’t yet converted to a business profile, doing so is simple. There’s no minimum follower requirement, and it won’t affect your account functionality. Detailed instructions are available here.

Instagram’s new API rules also dictate much stricter quotas, which means our capacity for tracking new users is extremely limited. To help alleviate that pain, we’re giving priority to users who self-authenticate their Instagram accounts on Social Blade. These accounts will be immediately added to our database. It’s easy, safe, and helps support the website.

Authenticate your Instagram business profile here!

We’re currently tracking all users with at least 5 million followers – in addition to all the users who authenticate with us (regardless of follower count) – and will continue to scale up as our capacity increases with user authentications.

Instagram Engagement Tracking

We’re not just bringing back our old Instagram statistics, but we’ve also improved and revamped them as well.

Engagement is huge, especially in an industry with so much potential for fraud. We’re excited to share that all Instagram statistics profiles will feature average likes and comments metrics, calculated from each user’s last 20 uploads, as well as an overall engagement rate that compares how well uploads are performing compared to a user’s total follower count.

Facebook Statistics

In addition to our rejuvenated Instagram statistics, we’re excited to lay the foundational piece of our Facebook statistics. Starting today, you can track daily changes to your Facebook Page’s like count, as well as changes to the number of people “talking about” your page. In the coming months, we look forward to building out our Facebook stats even further.

Getting your Facebook Page tracked is easy: simply authenticate your Facebook page.

If you have any questions about these updates, converting to a business profile, or authenticating on Social Blade, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Instagram statistics are back, and better than ever with engagement tracking.
  • Want to see your own stats? Two things:
  • Also, we offer Facebook stats for Pages! Start getting your stats tracked by authenticating your Facebook Page.