Snapchat adds four new features in ever-growing battle against competition

Snapchat introduces four new features to its app

We’re running out of ways to write “Snapchat adds new features to their app” as headlines. Seriously – when do their developers sleep?

Amidst continuously-increasing competition from Instagram and now Facebook itself, Snapchat has released four new features to help ensure users don’t slowly migrate away from its app to Facebook’s platforms.

Group messaging

While this seems like the logical next step for Snapchat to take after Instagram announced vanishing group DMs last month, it’s more likely coincidence, as Snapchat couldn’t have developed such an advanced new mechanic in less than a months time. Still, we’re hyped.

Snapchat now lets you create group messages with up to 16 people. Text-based messages will be automatically saved for 24 hours without the need to press-and-hold (press-and-hold will allow you to keep the message indefinitely). Images and videos sent will still disappear after 1-10 seconds, with no option to replay. The app will tell you who has seen each individual message.

Music recognition (Shazam integration)

Snapchat's integration of Shazam, able to recognize and identify songs playing

Snapchat has partnered with music recognition app Shazam to include its core feature – identifying a song that is currently playing – into the Snapchat app.

Pressing and holding on the camera screen (as if you were going to scan a Snapcode) will now listen for music. If any is detected, a Shazam-branded window will appear telling you what song is playing. Users also have the option to view more information, which will bring up a separate screen with lyrics, music videos, and recommended tracks.


This fun new tool allows users to cut out part of an image or video, which then becomes a sticker that you can use on any future images or videos you take. This feature is currently only available on iOS, but will launch on Android devices soon.


Snapchat's new paintbrush tool, allowing you to make your photos look like works of art

This tool appears to only be available when editing a photo from the Camera Roll. The paintbrush allows you to overlay the textures from abstract art and famous paintings onto your photos. Why? More like why not.