PewDiePie Breaks 20 Million Subscribers Today!

Today, PewDiePie will make a new record when he breaks 20 million subscribers! This is a huge new milestone for the number one YouTuber! His growth is completely unprecedented, particularly for an LP channel.

At PewDiePie’s current rate, he gains 1 subscriber per second. That’s over 83,000 subscribers a day, and nearly 600,000 subscribers a month. That’s like the entire city of Portland, Oregon, subscribing to him every month!

PewDiePie’s Views

When it comes to views, PewDiePie gets 7.7 million views per day. In the average month, he gets more than 230 million views. To put that in perspective, that’s like the entire state of California each watching 6 PewDiePie videos.

PewDiePie’s Money

According to our Estimated Yearly Earnings, this means that PewDiePie is earning between $115k and $1.5 million PER MONTH. That translates to a whopping  $1.4 to $16.6 million per year. His real earnings are likely somewhere near the middle to high end of the range, which is calculated based on low and high CPM’s and his views.

And PewDiePie’s growth isn’t slowing down. Check out the timeline of his subscriber milestones below. You can see that the number of days between each milestone is getting shorter and shorter. If the current trend holds, we can expect to see him at 21 million subscribers in another 10-12 days.

PewDiePie Milestones