Periscope increases creator revenue split, will offer holiday bonuses

Periscope increases creator payouts, will offer holiday bonuses

The live broadcasting space is fierce with competition. To set themselves apart, Periscope is prepared to give creators 100% of the revenue they earn.

Periscope first launched Super Hearts in June – their virtual microtransaction-based currency. Top broadcasters in the app’s Super Broadcaster Program were able to take home a cut of the revenue generated from the purchase of Super Hearts used during their broadcast.

Increased Payouts to Creators

Starting today, Periscope creators will receive all of the revenue generated from Super Hearts used during their broadcast, less a $1 administration fee every time they cash out. The Twitter-owned company previously took a 30% cut of the revenue.

It’s worth noting, however, that Periscope pays creators based on the revenue generated after Apple and Google’s app stores take their cut – which is also about 30%.

This announcement puts the company on-par with YouTube’s Super Chat feature. YouTube takes a 30% cut of the suggested retail price of Super Chat contributions, but doesn’t take an additional fee to cover app store transactions.

Several other broadcasting apps, like, offer their partners revenue sharing as well, but don’t publicize their revenue sharing agreements.

Holiday Bonus Incentives

As an added bonus, Periscope will be offering a holiday bonus during the months of November and December. Creators that earn at least 1 million stars each month will be eligible to receive a $100 bonus, and creators that earn at least 3 million stars will receive an additional $250, for a total of $350. Creators can earn the bonus in both months. A breakdown of the new revenue sharing agreement and holiday bonuses can be found here.

Creators interested in Periscope’s Super Broadcasters program must reside in the United States, average 50 live viewers during public broadcasts, and have received at least 185,000 stars over the course of their time on Periscope.