Nielsen now includes digital TV ratings from YouTube, Hulu

Nielsen adds YouTube, Hulu live TV metrics to reports

Television ratings firm Nielsen will start counting views from YouTube and Hulu’s live TV offerings, the company announced on Tuesday.

Nielsen will combine views from live, on-demand, and DVR views across all devices on YouTube TV and Hulu’s live TV service. Nielsen developed a system for incorporating digital viewership into linear audience numbers back in 2015, dubbed “Digital in TV Ratings.”

“We built YouTube TV to bring the most popular ‘must-watch’ TV to today’s video streaming audiences, and we’re already seeing that live TV represents the majority of time spent watching on the service,” said YouTube TV’s director of content partnerships, Heather Moosnick. “Our network and advertising partners will benefit from Nielsen DTVR measurement of YouTube TV.”

Ratings from digital platforms will be included in the C3 and C7 metrics that Nielsen provides, reflecting viewership within three- and seven-day periods. Viewers will be included only if the digital programming includes the same commercials and content as when it airs on traditional TV.

“This is the first time the biggest digital-first, TV streaming companies have come into the fold in terms of being included in TV ratings,” said Nielsen’s President of Product Leadership, Megan Clarken.

Prior to this announcement, Nielsen was only counting streaming data from traditional networks’ own services, like CBS All Access.

“The doors are open for those players who want to be lined up side-by-side and measured in a comparable way to traditional TV,” said Clarken, when asked if other streaming services may be added in the future.