When Mark Zuckerberg puts his mind to something: he gets it done. Mark Zuckerberg teased us with his new Home AI Assistant for his smart house, “Jarvis”.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a short video on Tuesday which showcased some of the features that were built when taking a look at Jarvis, his home AI.

Zuckerberg Challenged himself with Home AI

Last January, Zuckerberg announced that he would build an AI system for his home using technology integrated with Facebook. This was a part of a new years resolution that he gives himself every year to challenge himself. Zuckerberg states that the field of AI is essential to Facebook’s future and that this project was a good way to point the company in that direction.

Back in October, the Facebook founder was looking for suggestions of how to model the voice and ended up deciding on none other than Morgan Freeman.

What is Jarvis?

Aside from any Iron Man movies or TV shows we’ve seen in the past, Jarvis is akin to Siri mixed with Amazon Alexa or the new Google Home in terms of functionality. There are many different things being integrated into this new technology to not only compete against other home assistants but bring new features and capabilities to this already exciting field.

What makes Jarvis stand out?

From the teaser video, you can see that one of the new features is that it uses the Facebook face detection to know when someone is at the door and let them in while notifying you. Another feature is responding to users based on voice recognition patterns, which could prove useful when differentiating between multiple synced calendars, spotify accounts, and more.

Photo curtesy of fastcompany.com

Jarvis users would be able to connect to various smart appliances like what you would expect with the Amazon Alexa or Google Home: so you would be able to interact with things like Hue smart lights, or smart thermostats like the Next or Ecobee.

Why a home assistant?

Zuckerberg has always enjoyed the idea of being able to sit down and build something from the ground up. He gives himself these challenges or ‘new years resolutions’ every year to keep himself busy in his spare time.

The Facebook founder has spent roughly 150 hours building a simple home AI for his family and it is exciting a lot of people who are hungry to get this for themselves. Zuckerberg has stated that he even considered making this open source, but that it is too integrated with his home system currently.

My personal thoughts:

I’m an Alexa user (4 devices) and have looked at the upcoming Google Home AI so seeing Mark Zuckerberg achieve what he has with Jarvis is interesting. What I would like to see is this expand beyond just an android / iphone app and into the realm of entering the hardware market to compete against Amazon and Google in this space.

It doesn’t look like I am the only one who is taking an interest in Jarvis, though. During one of Zuckerbergs announcements on Facebook, technology enterpreneur Bill Gates commented and showed some interest in this.

Former head of communications at SpaceX, Dex Torrick-Barton also commented on the video reveal thread on facebook:

I would consider this over the other two (and my wife agrees) purely on the idea of referring to the home AI as Jarvis and it using Morgan Freeman’s voice. It meets our other criteria such as integrating with all the things we would need like Hue lights, Ecobee, Spotify, etc.

There is a lot of work before something like that can be realized, as Zuckerberg has stated that (at least for right now) Jarvis is too integrated with his home. While I understand that this is just a pet project that he gave himself as a new years resolution — I can safely say that I would purchase this.