Latest YouTube Creator Preview Hypes New Features

Exactly six months ago, the YouTube team released a video giving creators some insight as to what they’ve been working on in terms of new functionality on the site. With all the features from the last video now live on the site including higher frame rate uploads, fan funding, creator credits, and crowd-sourced closed captioning, they’re back with another YouTube Creator Preview, previewing a whole host of new features and improvements.

Let’s break it down.


“We’ve heard from you loud and clear that comments still need to get better,” said Molly Nix, a Senior UX Designer. “In particular, the quality of top comments.”

The algorithm used to determine top comments has been something that some of the most influential creators on the platform have been very vocal about ever since the new Google+ commenting system was introduced a year ago. The team is working on improving comment rankings, and adding new tools for comment moderation, including the ability to add comment moderators to your channel (a feature already available for YouTube Live comment streams).

Animated GIFs

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, than how many words is a GIF worth?” Michael Chang, a Software Engineer at Google asks rhetorically.

GIFs can be an incredibly powerful way to tease your content, enticing viewers to check out the whole video. Tumblr has long since been the most popular portal on the web for finding and sharing these animated images, and with Twitter finally adding support for these back in June, their presence is stronger than ever.

YouTube is adding the ability for creators and fans alike to create GIFs out of their favorite videos, without ever having to leave the site. To register your interest in the beta, you can fill out this form.

Improved Analytics

The last Creator Preview introduced the YouTube Creator Studio app for mobile devices, along with the ability to see your analytics in near real-time. The app will soon contain “more powerful insights on the fly.” In addition, YouTube will send you notifications when they detect big view changes, giving you a heads up when a video of yours might have been shared by someone influential or is starting to go viral.

Creator Academy

The Creator Academy has always been something that YouTube loves to encourage newer creators to check out, but up until this point has been limited in content, containing lessons focusing mainly on optimization of your existing content. Now, YouTube plans to expand the program with curriculum designed to help you improve quality – this includes lessons on sound, lighting, and production techniques.