Justin.tv is Shutting its Doors

Its been over seven years since Justin.tv first opened its doors. Available to many inspiring individuals who brought countless people years of live video broadcasts and lifecasting, Justin.tv cornered live video on the internet. It has been well-known as a technology powerhouse that spawned the media giant Twitch.tv.

Justin.tv Shuts Down

Justin.tv Closes its Doors:

There have been some hints that something like this was ready to happen. Back in June, Justin.tv removed the ability to video archive and previous VOD’s were starting to be removed from the system.

The website now consists of a single page, giving people the reasoning behind this dramatic closure.

All Justin.tv accounts are now closed and users will no longer be able to access anything from what used to be the video streaming giant. Justin.tv users will be able to transfer their accounts to Twitch.tv, but must do so by September 5th, 2014 (this is according to their homepage as this blog post is written).

What Now?

Justin.tv recommends that if you stream gaming-related content, to use Twitch as your main source from now on. If you streamed other content, they mention a number of websites that support live video broadcasting: YouTube, Ustream, and Livestream.

Pro users will be refunded, and should have already received an e-mail communicating the cancellation and the refund process.

Why is Justin.tv Closing?

It seems that the company has begun focusing on its more successful Twitch platform, directed specifically at gamers. Though speculative, this decision may have something to do with Google reportedly trying to acquire Twitch. After 7 long years of livestreaming memories, Justin.tv has shut its doors once and for all.

Justin.tv pioneered video live streaming and brought it to new heights; its legacy will remain and power gaming-related live-streaming giant, Twitch.tv.