Instagram update makes posting from your computer easier

Instagram update increases ease of posting from desktop

Instagram has always made it notoriously difficult to post photos taken on a DSLR or edited on a computer. Photographers would need to transfer their images back onto their phones, and then post through the Instagram app.

A recent update to Instagram’s website makes this whole process a lot easier. If you want to post an Instagram photo from your computer now, here’s how:

1. Use Google Chrome to visit

2. Use the 3-dot menu, go to More Tools, and choose Developer Tools.

Access to Chrome's Developer Tools

3. Click the device changer button on the left-hand side.

Change device layout on Chrome

4. Instagram’s website will transform into a near clone of the app, complete with the usual “upload” button.

Instagram's mobile app on a desktop computer

While using Instagram’s mobile website, you won’t be able to apply filters or a geolocation, but can still crop your photo and add a caption.

Posting a photo from Instagram's website on desktop

It’s worth mentioning that because this isn’t an intentional product feature, it’s possible that it may break or be taken away at any time.

But for now, photographers can celebrate.