Instagram update lets users share 10 photos and videos in a single post

Instagram's new update allows users to share multiple photos and videos

Instagram’s latest update, announced earlier this morning, allows users share a collection of up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. The feature has been in testing with a limited number of users for the last couple of months, but after hammering out a plethora of bugs, is finally ready for prime time.

Photo sets will function as a unit, sharing one caption and one set of likes and comments. They’ll also appear as a single post in feeds, and as a single post on profile pages with a symbol indicating that the post contains multiple pieces of content. Photos will appear in a sort of carousel-style, where users can flick through in the order they were posted, allowing post authors to share serialized moments.


Uploading is easy – users will see a button that enables the selection of multiple pieces of media. From there, uploaders can press-and-hold to change the order, and apply filters to each photo individually or every photo all at once.

For now, photo and video sets are limited to Instagram’s square format.

The update is available today on both iOS and Android.