Instagram model attacked by shark while swimming for the perfect shot

Instagram model attacked by shark while swimming for the perfect shot

For one 19-year-old Californian, the cost of a perfect Instagram photo was nearly fatal.

Katarine Zarutskie was on a vacation to the Bahamas, when she saw the perfect photo opportunity. A group of sharks lazing around the docks. They looked docile and harmless, so Zarutskie consulted with some of the locals, who encouraged her to go for it; to swim with the sharks.

“Everything was calm and amazing as I swam around the congregation of nurse sharks for about three minutes,” she wrote in an Instagram post. But things quickly changed. Zarutskie decided to lay back to get a better photo, when she was bitten on the wrist and briefly dragged underwater.

“I quickly raised my arm above the water and covered the wound while calmly walking towards the ladder to get out of the water,” she said. At that point, she was taken to the local clinic, where they stitched her wound and put her on antibiotics.

Zarutskie, frustrated with media coverage blaming the shark, wanted to make sure the situation was clear: “It was not the shark’s fault and I overstepped their boundaries which is why this incident could have occurred,” she wrote. “I overstepped and did not properly conduct myself in their environment.”

Her boyfriend’s father managed to capture the exact moment the shark latched on to her arm. Some audiences may find the below image disturbing.

The moment of the attack