Holiday Madness Hurts Gamers

Gaming SystemsThe sale of gaming systems always spikes around the holidays, but with gaming systems shifting to online stores and networks, the influx of new users has caused problems for several gaming companies. Nintendo’s eShop, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Steam are all being affected.

Nintendo eStore

Nintendo has taken down different markets across the world to deal with the issues, and is delaying the release of their games Pokemon Poke and Bank. Users are being left unable to create new accounts or access the eShop to download new games. They have been experiencing problems since early this morning.

Sony PlayStation Network

Sony meanwhile has been battling problems since Christmas day. Sony is currently claiming that their servers are online, but forums and Twitter is full of users saying that they have no access to network services, and that friends lists are disappearing. Sony claims they are investigating, but there is no word on when the problems will be fixed.


Steam’s problems were short-lived and stemmed from the Left 4 Dead 2 giveaway. Steam had offered a free copy for everyone who downloaded the game before 10 am on Christmas day, and the rush of traffic crashed their servers. Unlike Nintendo or Sony though, Steam was able to get back up and running quickly.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live also ran into some issues on Christmas day, but avoided a complete crash, and was able to get back up and running as well.

Official Company Statements

Officially, Xbox Live, Steam, and PlayStation Network are all running smoothly again. PlayStation users are still claiming problems however. For the immediate future, it looks like PlayStation and Nintendo users will have to be patient.