Happy 5th Birthday Social Blade!

Today is the day that Social Blade celebrates its 5th birthday. It may not seem so long in the grand scheme of things, but in internet time, we have been around for awhile. Considering that Facebook has only been around 9 years, YouTube 8 years and that Google Plus is a veritable baby at 2 years, we’re in good company. Other tech/internet advances that came out the same year as Social Blade (2008) are the first Android phone and Dropbox. The iPhone and Kindle are only a year older than us (2007), and we are a full two years older than the iPad or Pinterest (2010).


Check out the graphic internet timeline we threw together for you to see more of the sites/advances over the past 13 years and be amazed at how quickly that new development made itself indispensable to everyday life! I, for one, couldn’t go very long without my smartphone or, of course, Social Blade!

Want to read more about the full history of Social Blade, look no further 🙂