Grow Your Channel with Social Blade Premium Services!

After the first couple weeks of trial and error, we’re really happy to announce that our YouTube consulting service has been officially kicked off!

We’re seeing just TONS of traffic through our brand new booking page, but we’re also getting lots of questions about what this is exactly.

Social Blade ConsultingBasically, this is an appointment with a YouTube Certified expert who will help you optimize and streamline your YouTube channel. They will perform an analysis of your channel using both YouTube and Social Blade, and then offer advice and steps to increase your channel growth and search rankings. If you like, we will even show you step-by-step how to work the backend of your YouTube channel. Of course, this time is yours, so if you want us to analyze a competitor’s channel or have any specific questions, we’re here to help!

Besides our Premium Consulting Services, we will also be starting to offer online classes. These are 1 hour in length, and cover specific topics that we get lots of questions about. Our first class is called Copyright on YouTube, and is scheduled for Thursday, October 23rd at 5 pm Eastern (New York Time). If you have any questions or are confused about Copyright, Fair Use, the Content ID system, or how to appeal claims, this is the perfect opportunity to learn all about it! Space is limited, so book your spot today!

Here are some more detailed descriptions of our current services. Currently, we are only able to provide services in English for YouTube channels that are in English. We cannot analyze channels in other languages.


This is a free, 15-minute consultation to discuss your goals for your YouTube channel. This is mainly so that we can tell you which service would be of the most benefit to you. These appointments are only available for a limited block of time Monday through Friday.


For a dollar, you can book the same Initial Consultation as above, but the schedule is opened to our regular consultation hours.


This is a one-hour one-on-one consultation with a YouTube-certified expert. They will spend time before the appointment looking at your statistics and YouTube channel, and during the appointment, they can cover a wide range of topics from how to optimize YOUR channel, to showing you how to tweak videos step-by-step.


In addition to the one-hour analysis, this service includes 45 minutes of follow-up sessions. This can be used all at once at a later time, or broken into 15-minute segments. This is excellent for asking follow-up questions that may come up while following our advice, or asking a whole new range of questions.


Our most advanced service is only for the most dedicated YouTubers! This is a one-and-a-half hour appointment to cover your YouTube channel and any questions you may have. Like with previous appointments, analysis will mostly be done before your appointment. There will also be Title and Tag analysis on 5 videos (see following for description). You will also receive an hour of follow-up sessions, which can be used at once, or broken into 15-minute segments.


While our booking widget requires an appointment to be booked, this is really an email service. We will analyze the Title and Tags (as well as the description and thumbnail!) on 5 of your videos, giving you alternatives that will result in better search rankings. Once we have received confirmation of the order, we will send you a form that you will fill out with links to 5 of your videos, and a space where you will copy and paste in the tags associated with each of those videos. You will receive a reply within 3 business days with a written analysis that will include suggestions for alternative Titles and Tags (if needed) that you can copy and paste right onto the video.