Google+ Powering YouTube Comments

Google is turning up the pressure to link your G+ account to YouTube. Their new comment system is powered by G+, and without it, your comments are likely to fall by the wayside.

According to YouTube, instead of posts just appearing chronologically, now they will be ranked by who posts them. This makes sense for posts from the video creator, but YouTube is also ranking them according to “popular personalities, engaged discussions about the video, and people in you Google+ Circles.”

New YouTube CommentsThere is also a new options to keep conversations about videos public or private to keep them within groups defined by the creator, and better moderator tools. We’re all for the moderating tools that help sort through comments by blocking specific words or auto-approving certain users, but the change Google/YouTube is making just isn’t sitting quite right with us.

Besides the fact that Google seems to be forcing YouTubers to have and link a Google+ account to be heard (read?) on the new system, there is the question of how someone is determined to be a “popular personality” or “engaged in conversation.” Depending on how it works, this could very well lead to some real clique-i-ness on YouTube, with the same people appearing as top comments on the same circle of videos. As for engaged discussion, do trolling wars count? Technically, they are in engaged discussion.

What do you think of the changes? Do they benefit or hurt the average YouTuber?