Free Steak! Free Pizza! – Social Blade Comic 10

When you put a dog in charge, you can expect lots of freebies! Check out this week’s comic!

Social Blade Comic 10

Urgo is still off filming his movie. This comic probably doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation other than Kayden is not a dog person. He has a cat, that he loves very much (I so don’t get it). Sometimes during meetings, the cat will be on him, digging its claws into his stomach, and we’ll be listening to him saying things like “ow, stop it!” but he won’t move the cat. Actually, this last week he glued these vinyl tubes on his cat’s claws to keep it from scratching things (or him) anymore, and the rest of us non-cat people were first amazed that such a product existed, then laughed a lot about it. Just the thought of Kayden, whom Urgo affectionately calls the Gentle Giant, leaning over and carefully glueing teeny tiny tubes onto a cat’s claws is pretty funny.

The other little inside joke is asking the intern where the coffee is. At Vidcon, we had jokingly asked Danny to get us some coffee on the first day. We still haven’t gotten our coffee! What else is an intern good for? 🙂

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