Fans bid $100k on Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas ‘mystery box’ for charity

Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas put up an eBay auction for a “mystery box” of signed items – the proceeds of which will go to Feed the Children, a nonprofit working to end childhood hunger.

The auction went live around 4pm ET on Thursday. On Friday morning the auction was hovering just under $98,000, with six days left to go.

Their motivation? Dawson had an empty Gucci box from a present Paytas gave him that he determined was too nice to throw away. After 30 minutes of late-night on-camera deliberation, the duo decided they would put in a random assortment of personal items, list the signed box on eBay, and give all of the money to a nonprofit Paytas recently started supporting, Feed the Children.

Inside, the top bidder will find a bedazzled Starbucks cup, an empty A&W Root Beer can, and a Cheesecake Factory take-out bag.

The auction will close next Thursday around 4pm ET.