Facebook to allow videos with copyrighted music, debuts musical.ly competitor

Facebook to allow videos with copyrighted music, debuts musical.ly competitor

Facebook has struck deals with all of the major record labels, along with many other independent labels, to allow videos with copyrighted music to remain up on the platform. Alongside this announcement, the platform is also debuting their own competitor to the popular lip-syncing app musical.ly.

Copyrighted Music in Facebook Videos

Facebook has struck a deal with record labels to allow the presence of copyrighted music in user uploads on Facebook. Their system is similar to YouTube’s: record labels set monetize and block policies within the Facebook Rights Manager system in accordance to how they want their artists’ music to be used on Facebook.

When a user uploads a video with copyrighted music, they are alerted with their options. In many cases, the video can remain live. When this happens, advertisements will run on the video, and the revenue generated from these will go to the labels. If a video is uploaded featuring a song that a label has chosen to block, the audio will be muted and the uploader will have the option to dispute the claim, which is then routed through Rights Manager for the labels to review.

Facebook has declined to share the terms of their financial arrangement with the record labels.

This new deal is separate from a feature the platform announced last year called Sound Collection, which lets users add audio from a library of sound effects and royalty free music. The company has also been prototyping a feature that allows users to add popular songs to their Instagram Stories, according a report from TechCrunch.

Lip Sync Live

After stealing countless features from Snapchat, the piranha of a social media platform is coming after musical.ly. With their new Lip Sync Live feature, users can choose from a library of popular songs to pretend to sing during a Facebook Live broadcast. There is currently no way to create pre-recorded lip syncs using Facebook, however, and Lip Sync Live lacks some of the more advanced features that musical.ly has.

Musical.ly was acquired by a Chinese media company for $1 billion late last year, and currently boasts 200 million registered users with 60 million monthly active users.