Facebook to release standalone app for video influencers

Facebook to launch new app for video creators

Facebook is planning to launch an app later this year dedicated to helping video creators better manage their content.

To no surprise, Facebook has an expanded presence at VidCon this year, as creators flock to the original social network for increased exposure of their video content. The app announcement came from Daniel Danker, Director of Product Management, at their keynote presentation entitled The Future of Facebook Video.

“We’re building an app dedicated to you,” Danker said. “We see amazing creativity from creators on Facebook every day.”

The app will tout a suite of tools dubbed the Live Creator Kit, including the ability to seamlessly integrate intros and outros, custom stickers, and frames into live broadcasts. The app will also make managing live comments easier, and include analytics to help optimize future broadcasts.

Facebook also revealed that 40% of total video watch time comes from posts shared onto timelines, as opposed to being delivered from the original page itself, according to data from March 2017.

The app will initially be available to everyone eligible for the Facebook Mentions program, which is currently limited to verified public figures. Facebook did not provide a release date for the app.

VidCon 2017 continues through June 24. Stay tuned to the Social Blade blog for the latest updates coming from the convention.