Don’t Take Advantage! – Social Blade Comic 15

See what happens this week when Kadi’s husband, Jay, thinks something fishy is going on!

Social Blade 15

This comic is really funny because it kind of almost happened this way. Jay really did mishear me talking about Top List Tuesday to Dave and Urgo, but thankfully he trusts me enough to ask what we were talking about. The snippet at the end about Jay knowing how to spell Topless is also really funny, because my husband can’t really spell.

In fact, before I was officially working for Social Blade, Jay used to help Dave with support tickets. That ended really quickly though, when Dave and Urgo realized how bad Jay’s spelling was, and that people couldn’t understand his responses! We all still tease him about his spelling, but he’s pretty good-natured about it, since we all acknowledge how good he is at stuff more important than spelling. After all, that’s why Google Keyboard has that little microphone on it, right?

Yay! More comics! You can even start from the beginning 🙂