‘Despacito’ breaks record, becomes most viewed video on YouTube

Despacito becomes most viewed video on YouTube

… and no, we’re not talking about the Justin Bieber remix.

“Despacito,” the hit song from Latin American breakout artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has officially become the most viewed video on YouTube. Just 204 days after being uploaded, the video has more than 3 billion views – the first to reach such a milestone on the platform.

Despacito sees unprecedented growth as it hits number one most viewed on YouTube
Source: YouTube Trends

“Breaking the record for most viewed video of all time on YouTube is truly incredible, not only for me but for Latin music and our culture,” said Fonsi.

Just last month, Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” stole the record from PSY, who had previously held it for four and a half years with his viral sensation “Gangnam Style.”

Despacito has seen unprecedented on the platform, averaging 14.5 million views per day since it was uploaded. The pop song also holds the record for most likes on a YouTube video, and has been viewed more than one million times in over 101 countries.

Despacito's international reach
Source: YouTube Trends
  • I’m really curious how we can know that no one is paying Youtube for fake views.

    • I’m new To this

      They could play it multiple times, right?

      • Of course. But I’m still curious how we can know that no one is paying Youtube for fake views.

        • phaymousb

          Actually a lot of music companies pay for fake views to get their videos across, there was even a article written cl;aiming youtube removed millions of fake views from music videos.

        • Hye Sai Lee

          because 1m views cost 450$ on average on *views buy* sites.
          despacito has 3.25b views right now.
          and if u say that the 3b views were bought , it would cost 1.4 million dollars…
          so what’s the point of doing that?
          the video itself brought around 3.3million $ if they are real.
          iu don’t see a point in buying so many views or believe that the views are bought. and watchinv a video again doesn’t help.
          maybe if u watch it everyday once , u get a view more everyday.. but watching it fully 100 times in the next few hours would give the video only 1 view.

          • Manuel Medina

            thats not true lol

          • You’re telling me that the rate would remain exactly the same? You’re telling me that a site wouldn’t offer a billion views for, say, $1,000? Maybe a little more?

          • phaymousb

            That’s not true at all. A lot of companies or individuals would offer big companies a lot of views for a discounted price, that’s how they get “known” thus increasing their own exposure and earning more revenue because of it.



  • Austin McMichael

    Gangnam Style > Despacito

  • Nirlipto Nasir Hussain

    Very good job for your YouTube analytics website #SocialBlade

  • hey, at least it isn’t justin beiber’s version.

  • Asli Cash

    despacito is real success plz guys dont make fonsi a joke XD

  • brmbrmcar

    In that animated picture, by the end some countries have more views than they do population.

    • Elijah C

      yeah, because some people have more than one account… and you can view a video more than once

      • brmbrmcar

        It has little to do with accounts I imagine. I’d say it is a combination of view botting and it just being watched a few times by some people.