Daily Stats

Here at Social Blade, our users are familiar with our regular stats page which shows subscribers and views per day, but we also offer breakdowns by the hour, by subscribers to your other channels, and your individual videos. These features are all found under “User Reports” in the left column of your channel’s stats page.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.48.55 PM

These tools can be used to help you know where (and when) to put your energy. The hourly breakdown found under “Daily Stats” can give you a good idea of when your audience is at its peak during the day, and launching new videos with that in mind can bump views. If you have multiple channels, try looking at “Other Channels ‘Box'” to easily compare all your channels side-by-side instead of having to open a stats page for each one. Under “Videos,” you can see the views, rating, number of comments and estimated earnings per video. This can give you a quick idea of which videos do better than others, and help guide you to make videos that can help you earn more overall. Another fun tool is “Similarly Ranked Channels.” Here we show the 10 channels ranked above and below yours according to subscribers, video view, and SB rank.

Using these tools on a regular basis can help guide you to better earnings by showing you what works and what doesn’t. Want to try something new? Use these tools to see how it went instead of just relying on comments, and get a more accurate picture.

Don’t underestimate the value of the “User Reports.” Whether you want to bolster a new channel, break into a new niche or increase your earnings, Social Blade provides the stats info you need to guide you in the right direction!