Crafting Irresistible Titles [Links to FREE Tools!]

Titles are something you need to be spending some time on. The Title, in combination with your thumbnail, is what draws people to your content. If you’re just haphazardly choosing your Title without really thinking about it, I challenge you to take a few more minutes, and you’ll see a big difference in your views!

Irresistible Titles

How to Choose a Title

The number one key to choosing a correct Title is that it accurately reflects your content. Choosing a Title like “How to Increase Your Internet Speed” and then having a video that just rants about your current ISP is going to reduce your all-important Watch Time since viewers will leave your video when they realize it’s not what they thought it was.

Choose Your Title After the Final Edit

Even if that’s the Title you chose before you filmed or edited the video, or what you intended the video to be about, that does not mean it’s accurate for the finished product. When you’re watching the final edit of your video (you ARE double-checking the final product, right?), jot down some notes about what the video is about. No, seriously, pull out a pen and paper, or a tablet, or open Word, and make a quick list of words that summarize your video.

This will really help you with BOTH the Title and Tags, so double whammy!

Now go through the list, and pick which keywords are the most descriptive and compelling. If this is new to you, do a little research on a Keyword tool. Google Keywords is only available if you have an AdWords account, but at the bottom of the article there’s a list of free tools that will do the same thing.

Turn Your Keywords Into a Great Title

Once you’ve narrowed down to a really good keyword, find a way to work it into the Title where it’s near the beginning of the Title.

Try to keep your title to 10 words or less, and no more than 65 characters. Don’t forget you can use punctuation to make your Title stand out even more.

Also make sure that the Title makes sense with the Thumbnail of your video. It doesn’t make sense to have a Title that talks about Call of Duty and a picture of a real-world grassy field, does it?

There’s ALWAYS an Exception to the Rules

Of course, there are always times when it makes sense to break the rules, but this is probably best left to YouTubers who are already fairly established, or to make a joke. For instance, purposely choosing a Title that contrasts with your Thumbnail.

Here’s another handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to get you started on crafting the perfect Title!


  • Make a list of keywords relevant to your topic
  • Summarize the content of your video
  • Make sure your Title and Thumbnail complement each other


  • Choose a Title not related to your content just because it will get people to click on your video
  • Begin your title with things like the number of the video or the date UNLESS people need to watch them consecutively. Even if that’s the case, put the episode number or date at the END of your Title.
  • Just throw something together without thinking through it
  • Misspell words!
  • Use too much punctuation. (The Title of !!!WATCH ME PLEASE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 is NOT going to make people watch it.)

Links to Keyword Tools