Compare YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram Profiles

Comparing Profiles has been requested for quite some time and our programmer is delighted to announce that not only can you now Compare YouTube channels, but out of the gate you can compare Twitch profiles and compare Instagram profiles, too.

Compare Youtube Profiles - Socialblade

SocialBlade Compare System:

We’re excited to announce this as a new feature for Social Blade. You can now compare up to 3 profiles for each of the systems that we track currently. Not only will this give you detailed comparisons between the two/three profiles you select, but people can share these pages for others to see. You’ll be able to track their progress in our graphs on a daily fashion as well as see their future projections which are based on their average daily views, followers, etc.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

Lets say that you’d want to compare some of the prominant YouTuber channels and for this test lets Compare Smosh, TobyGames, and Pewdiepie’s Youtube Channels together: You’d get something like the picture below. Keep in mind that this is only a snippet of information thats available in the compare system. You’d see the important “summary” data at the top, the ability to share this page with others, graphical data to shows their history in both Subscribers or Views, their ranks, their general data, and much more.

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You’d also be able to see their estimated earnings based on our Standard Range of $0.60 – $5.00 CPM, their daily statistics and gains, and their future predictions. Ontop of that, two weeks ago we also introduced the YouTube Money Calculator to give you a better idea of what people can earn. Keep in mind that there are many different factors that can change the potential earnings of any given channel.

Compare Smoth Tobygames Pewdiepie

How to Access the Social Blade Compare System:

There are multiple ways to access the new compare system. From the navigation menu at the top of, there is a compare button which lets you go to the targeted compare pages (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, etc). Another way to access it is to go to any profile and click the Compare With button at the top corner, which will automatically go to the compare for that type of profile and allow you to type in the profile you wish to compare it to. Keep note that you will require at least 2 profiles to get a comparative result.

Final Thoughts, Opinions, and Ramblings:

If you guys have any opinions that you’d like to share about this new compare feature at Social Blade, feel free to write something about it on the comments below. We’re more than happy to expand features. If you’d like to report a bug, please send us a support ticket at your earliest convenience.