Casey Neistat stars in Oscars ad aimed at digital creators, ‘The Rest of Us’

Casey Neistat's Oscars ad

Casey Neistat made his Oscars debut last year, when he took his Samsung Gear 360 out onto the red carpet. He returned this year, starring in a Samsung commercial aimed at digital creators.

The acclaimed YouTube filmmaker teamed up with Samsung to create an ad for “the rest of us” – the average, everyday person that wants to create content but doesn’t have access to the multi-million dollar budgets of Hollywood.

“Allow me to introduce the rest of us,” Neistat opens with, in his acceptance speech-style address. “We’re the makers, the directors, and the creators of this generation. We don’t have big award shows, or huge budgets, or fancy cameras. But what we do have are our phones, and duct tape, and parking lots, and guts.”

The ad spot showcases Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones and their Gear 360 camera. In a behind-the-scenes vlog, Neistat revealed that it took months of planning and three days of shooting to get the 60-second spot.

“In the 2017 Academy Awards, they will be celebrating exactly this many YouTubers,” he declares. “Zero.”

Neistat has a long history of collaborating with Samsung, participating in stunts from flying on snowboards to dangling out of a helicopters.

While no YouTube creators were highlighted during the Oscars ceremony, two OTT digital shows did receive acclaim. Amazon’s Manchester by the Sea took home two awards for acting and writing, and Netflix’s The White Helmets took home the award for best short-form documentary.

Samsung’s ad debuted on television during the 89th Annual Academy Awards last night. Watch the full commercial below.