Casey Neistat stars in Oscars ad aimed at digital creators, ‘The Rest of Us’

Casey Neistat's Oscars ad

Casey Neistat made his Oscars debut last year, when he took his Samsung Gear 360 out onto the red carpet. He returned this year, starring in a Samsung commercial aimed at digital creators.

The acclaimed YouTube filmmaker teamed up with Samsung to create an ad for “the rest of us” – the average, everyday person that wants to create content but doesn’t have access to the multi-million dollar budgets of Hollywood.

“Allow me to introduce the rest of us,” Neistat opens with, in his acceptance speech-style address. “We’re the makers, the directors, and the creators of this generation. We don’t have big award shows, or huge budgets, or fancy cameras. But what we do have are our phones, and duct tape, and parking lots, and guts.”

The ad spot showcases Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones and their Gear 360 camera. In a behind-the-scenes vlog, Neistat revealed that it took months of planning and three days of shooting to get the 60-second spot.

“In the 2017 Academy Awards, they will be celebrating exactly this many YouTubers,” he declares. “Zero.”

Neistat has a long history of collaborating with Samsung, participating in stunts from flying on snowboards to dangling out of a helicopters.

While no YouTube creators were highlighted during the Oscars ceremony, two OTT digital shows did receive acclaim. Amazon’s Manchester by the Sea took home two awards for acting and writing, and Netflix’s The White Helmets took home the award for best short-form documentary.

Samsung’s ad debuted on television during the 89th Annual Academy Awards last night. Watch the full commercial below.

  • LarryBundyJr


    • pittrek

      Just wanted to say I love your vids, man 🙂

  • The Truth

    this dude is repulsive. everything he represents is regression when compared to true cinema. get lost dude.

  • HClivess

    only there because he’s friends with the Clinton family hehe

  • pittrek

    Why is this guy popular? I have seen a few of his videos and I just don’t understand it.

    • Cherry 🍒

      He mainly popular for his vlogs and how he edits them. Since he creates this “method” into his videos on youtube and telling his stories when he travel. Other Youtuber saw this and where wow’ed by his skills but he actually had skill on how to create movies aka Cinematography.

      Since most Youtubers are regular people and a good 80% of them have no education expected for HS and 1 semester at college. They have no knowledge in editing and how to use adobe products. Barely know a thing about camera and anything in that field. Hence, why they all use the same brand (Canon) and type of camera an TI. Now the new trend is Sony since it has 4k and cheaper. Ha, 90% doesn’t even understand what color correcting is for their videos. They just want to become famous and rich.

      Where Casey know his shit and people where in awe about it and they started to take aka steal his methods and idea and place them in their videos. His biggest one was the Drone shots.

      I am not a fan of Casey since everything he does is boring to me.

      • IKR

        really, you think the reason he’s more famous is because he knows how to “color correct” and “choose a good camera”, most normal people don’t give a flying sh*t about quality on youtube, its a bonus but not expected, their are famous youtubers like ShoeOnHead who use laptop webcams to record their videos but still hitting millions of fans because people just want content that holds up, which is something that Casey understands

        If anything, the reason Casey is famous is because he has an underdog story. people like you guys who try to step on him are the very reason he is so relatable to most, Nobody cares if he doesn’t put “drone shots” in the videos. cause the stories he tells are way more awesome, which is another thing most vloggers can’t do.

        Also “They just want to become famous and rich”!!! what???
        of course they do, just like most people, the only difference between them and you whiny twats is that their living their dreams.

    • IKR

      And thats why you wont ever be popular or successful

      • pittrek