When the Boss is Away… Social Blade Comic 9

When the boss is away, the employee’s play. Or fight. See what happens when Urgo’s off to film his epic masterpiece!

Social Blade 9

So there you have it. Urgo’s not really gone, but for the next few weeks, he will be taking some time to work as a producer on his pet project, Film in a Year’s Harker: The Awakening. It’s a community project to film an entire film on a low budget and with volunteers. It looks exciting!

In the meantime, Ender is in charge. Not really. But then, we’ve never actually gotten into any fights. We’re a pretty well oiled machine, and things should keep running smoothly.

As a little added bonus, to explain one of the comic cells, Kestal really is the tallest. He’s way taller than any of the rest of us. I’m the loudest, because of the whole mom-voice training thing. And Dave is kind of bionic. He has some titanium rods in his back, which we’ve tried to attach magnets to in the past, but apparently titanium is not magnetic. Oh well. It would have made for a cool video!

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