As YouTube Channel Switch Deadline Approaches, Most Users Still On Old Layout

In December YouTube formerly launched “Cosmic Panda” allowing, and even encouraging users to switch their channels to the new format with the warning that soon everyone would be forced to switch at some point. Well, three months later that day is finally here. On March 7th all users will be automatically converted over to the new format much to the dismay of many.

There are countless comments, forum posts, videos and more all complaining about the new layouts but at SocialBlade we are all about the YouTube Stats, so I wondered, how many channels actually have changed over? Does everyone hate them? Or is it just a vocal few?

The numbers as it turns out are pretty interesting. To study the data I looked at two groups. One was a cross section of 313,429 channels, the other was the top 100 YouTube channels.










If you look at the top 100 most subscribed channels, 70% of them are using the new channel layout and only 30% are still on the old layout.  If instead you look at YouTube as a whole and look at the pool of 313,429 channels that SocialBlade collected data on then the numbers go the other way, 59% are on the old layout and 41% are on the new.  Though the YouTube at large number is much greater just think about the top 100 number.  That’s 30 of the largest YouTube channels out of 100 that still don’t want the new layout.  That’s a big deal!

There of course are a number of reasons why the majority of channels haven’t switched over yet, one maybe just being that people are lazy, but it still is interesting none the less to see that there is a small majority holding out.

If you haven’t switched over yet why haven’t you?  I know one of the major reasons that I haven’t switched is the extreme lack of free text.  One of the channels I run is a channel for daily video creators challenging themselves to make a video a day for an entire year on YouTube called The YouTube Orbit and on there I list everyone that is a part of it.  Once the new layout is permanent I won’t be able to list everyone.

Most of the other changes for me personally aren’t that big of a deal whereas I see their benefit, but that one has been a deal breaker.  Let us all know in the comments your thoughts!