A round-up of 2017’s best April Fools’ Day gags

April 1st is the day every creative marketing agency lives for – an opportunity to go completely over-the-top with the most outlandish ideas they can come up with.

Here’s how your favorite companies participated in April Fools’ Day 2017.

Netflix Live: Canceled

Netflix Live: Canceled

On Saturday morning, Netflix subscribers saw a new section in their feed – Recently Cancelled by Netflix.

“Netflix Live has been canceled. We miscalculated the number of people who like to binge-watch microwaves. Dave from analytics is in trouble,” the site read. The accompanying piece of content? A 45-minute “live stream” of virtually nothing, commentated by Arrested Development’s Will Arnett.

Hulu: Now Just ‘Hu’

“The human attention span has dropped to eight seconds. Fact. That is less than a goldfish,” says Hulu.

Hu provides eight-second bits of your favorite content. Bite-sized content that you can enjoy without zoning out.

Google Gnome

“From the people that brought you Google Home, comes the next evolution of the smart home – and it’s just outside your window. Meet Google Gnome.”

This gnome-decorated Google Home is perfect for the back yard, providing automation and voice assistance for everything gardening.

Amazon Petlexa

Amazon had some fun with smart speakers, too. In their short 40-second spot, they introduce Petlexa – giving your animals the freedom to use Alexa, just like you. From counting steps to ordering sushi, Petlexa does it all.

Google Maps – Ms. PAC-MAN

Google Maps' Ms. PAC-MAN game

While not so much a “joke” and more of a fun way to waste time at work, Google Maps’ Ms. PAC-MAN game turns your neighborhood into a fun PAC-MAN course.

To play? Just click “Insert coin” at the bottom-left of Google Maps on the web.

Reddit: r/place

Reddit's r/place

Similarly not a joke, but rather a social experiment, r/place is an “empty canvas” upon which each user can place a single pixel dot every five minutes.

Because the internet is, well, the internet, large-scale cult-like organizations have resulted in both depictions of beautiful art as well as crudely-drawn drug paraphernalia.


Snapchat won this April Fools’ Day, going totally savage and poking fun at Facebook’s notorious copy-cat behavior with a special filter.

The filter mimics an Instagram frame, showing a mere three likes – one of which is from “my_mom.”

Snapchat mocks Instagram for their notorious copy-cat behavior on April Fools Day

This is the first the company has acknowledged the rival company’s lack of originality. In the words of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s fiancé, Miranda Kerr, “how do they sleep at night?”

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