Announcing: Social Blade Twitter Statistics

Announcing: Social Blade Twitter Statistics

Today we’re excited to bring you one of the most highly-requested features to Social Blade: Twitter statistics.

Starting right now, you can plug any Twitter handle into our website – if we don’t already have data on that account, we’ll start tracking it right away!

For Users

You’re able to see daily metrics for any public Twitter account, just like you’ve come to know and love with our YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch statistics. For Twitter, we update follower count, following count, and tweets posted every single day.

You can view historical data in easy-to-read graphs, look at future projections to see when you might hit those sweet milestones, and by the end of the month you’ll be able to compare your Twitter growth with that of friends and competitors.

You can also view the top 100 Twitter users in a number of categories: total follower count, total following count, total tweets posted, and average retweets/likes per tweet.

For Brands, Agencies, and Power Users

We’re excited to add Twitter statistics to our Custom Query tool. Craft your custom query with precision filters including total follower range, total tweets posted, average daily followers, average retweets per tweet, and average likes per tweet.

We recognize that follower count isn’t necessarily indicative of an influencer, which is why we added the average likes and retweets options. We calculate these numbers by averaging each user’s last 25 non-@reply tweets.

We’re incredibly excited about this launch, and hope that you get just as much use out of it as we will. As with all the other platforms we track, feel free to link your Twitter account to your Social Blade account and get a sweet verified tick on your stats page!

For any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to tweet us or submit a support ticket here.