100k YouTube Channels Achievement Unlocked

When I created SocialBlade back in February of 2008 it really had one purpose, provide data on every story that hit the front social media news site digg.com in order to help posters judge their effectiveness.  Later on the site was expanded to also rank a list of top diggers where people could compare themselves to everyone else.  Since August on 2010 however, though digg isn’t quite dead yet the ‘wow’ factor of digg has been lost. We are more likely to get the news from twitter, facebook, reddit or google news rather then digg, so as a result the social blade digg statistics have become less relevant as well.  Also, though now on hiatus Social Blade ran a weekly webshow on social media news from 2009 until 2011.

Fortunately however that’s not all we do here! In the summer of 2010 a once popular YouTube stats site closed its doors for good (so they claimed then) leaving a void in the days of those who now were addicted to YouTube Stats instead of digg stats (myself included).  It was this direct event that caused me to play around with the YouTube API and over that weekend recreate all of the features of the other site that I used to use as well as add some new ones too.  Immediately the word of the Social Blade YouTube Stats site spread and people started adding their channels in. Social Blade YouTube Stats was alive!

The last 14 months since Social Blade YouTube Stats has launched have been amazing.  When we launched there were only about 10,000 channels we were tracking and the site was getting less then 1000 pageviews a day.  In September of this year we reached the milestone of one million pageviews a month and today we have reached 100,000 channels being tracked daily with the most popular & most active users on the site’s channels tracked hourly!  Each day we continue to grow in terms of page views and channels tracked and I can only imagine where we’ll be a year from now!

I just wanted to thank everyone that has supported us over the past few years.  I have so much more planned that I’d like to get coded up and out to you all so stay tuned! Today I’m also launching this blog where I’ll try to keep you all updated on new features, improvements, analysis on YouTube and other related social media topics and more!  If you’re new to SocialBlade take a stop by the YouTube Stats site today and add your own channel and join in on the fun!