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Universalmusicgroup's Socialblade Profile (Youtube)

Applying for Socialblade Partnership for Universalmusicgroup

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Aug 23rd, 2006
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Congratulations, Universalmusicgroup!

You've taken the first step in partnering with Social Blade, through RPM Networks!

Commonly Asked Questions about Partnering
Why Social Blade over Just YouTube Monetization?
  • You'll benefit from an additional sales team selling ads on your videos so in general ads should pay more then YouTube alone!
  • You'll have someone to contact if you ever have questions or need help! We have a support team to answer things!
  • You'll have access to a music catalog from AudioMicro!
  • You'll gain extra exposure by having your latest video priority featured throughout the site!
  • You'll also be eligible for special features on SocialBlade in the future as they are developed!
Benefits of partnering with us over Other Networks?
  • You won't be locked into any certain earnings level!
  • You'll still retain complete creative control and ownership of your channel.
  • You'll receive a simple to understand contract!
What can you expect if you get accepted?
  • You'll receive access to partner-exlusive features like YouTube Shows, live streaming, and more!
  • You'll also be joining an elite group of content creators that can help your channel grow and support you along the way.
I have a gaming channel. Can I apply??

Yes You can! We have tons of Gaming Channels in Social Blade! There are some restrictions, though!

  • You must not have any copyright strikes on your channel!
  • You Should use Royalty Free music from Trusted Source only!
    • There is no such thing as "Copyright Free" or "Non-Copyrighted" Music! So PLEASE be careful!
    • Use Trusted Royalty Free Sources Sources like Incompetech or Joshwoodward!
    • The majority of reasons why someone may not be accepted is due to copyrighted content/music being used
  • Your Gaming Videos must have commentary over them! This is to protect you and to be considered as "Fair Use"
  • Your Videos need to be over 30 seconds long to be monetizable!
What is RPM Networks?
  • RPM Networks is a new network created by Maker Studios that has been designed for all YouTubers. Take your first step into the Maker family by joining RPM.
  • After filling out the application on Social Blade you’ll receive a fast reply and once you’re in you’ll have access to a dedicated support team that can help jump start your YouTube career.

Time to Apply!

Before we can accept your application you must validate this is your YouTube account! We do not require your password! Just click on the link and proceed!

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