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    The following are a set of commonly asked questions related to Social Blade.
    Look here first before contacting support or asking in the chat and you'll save yourself a lot of time.



    What is Social BLADE and What can it Do?

    Social Blade is a statistics driven website where you can track your Youtube progress and compare to other big youtubers to see how you are doing.

    You need a minimum of 5 subscribers in order to be entered into the database, only after you go to your profile for the first time (by searching your name).

    It is the goal of social blade to become the defacto place to check your daily youtube statistics and share your progress with others.


    Why do my Views on Social Blade differ from Youtube Analytics?

    In order to reach a global audience of statistics, we take data from their public stats system.

    What this means is, that Youtube needs to audit and adjust these views before becoming public (ie: 301+ Views get locked)

    This can also (unfortunately) lead to 0 views for the day. This is not an error on behalf of Social Blade, but what Youtube updates publically.


    How are estimated earnings calculated?

    Estimated earnings are just that, estimated. What we do is take a lowball ($0.50 USD) and a highball ($4 USD) value on based on what we know about what partners earn on average per view and multiply that by the number of views they get per day. This assumes every video the partner gets views on is monetized, which isn't usually the case.

    The number isn't supposed to be read as religion but to give you a general feeling of what they might be earning. It is updated regularly so mouse over the column header to see the values used to calculate it at any given time.


    What is the SB Rank all about?

    When Social Blade was created we first just listed rankings based on # of subscribers and # of views, but it quickly became evident that this was not an accurate indicator of how people were actually doing on youtube.

    Someone could have a bazillion subscribers that they cheated to get but not have any actual views. The SB ranking system aims to measure a channel's influence based on how many views they are actually getting, how they are doing networking wise (i.e. who has them in their box), and other factors.

    If you have a A+, A, or A- SB rank then consider yourself very influential on youtube. If you're not there quite yet don't fret, just keep up the good work!


    What does my view count show a negative number or zero for a day?

    Negative numbers occur when YouTube audits the view counts. There is not a problem at Social Blade, it just means YouTube looked at your views and decided they made a mistake, or decided to change what counts as a view and the negative number is how this is displayed when they roll the counter back. Watch Related Video

    As for 0 views on Social Blade for a day (or two). That is not the fault of Social Blade. Please refer to both your Analytics views and the views publically available when going to your Youtube Profile.



    What are the Requirements for Youtube Partnership through Social Blade?

    • You need at least 500 Views per Month (17 views / day average over the last 30 days)
    • The Contract is for 1 Year. This is a legally binding contract.
    • You must not have any copyrighted content (use royalty free music from sites like Incompetech or Josh Woodward
    • If you have met these requirements, go to your profile (search your youtube name) and click Apply for Partnership

    I applied. How long before I hear back?

    • The partnering process varies based on many factors. To get the first correspondance back, it may take up to a week.
    • The staff looks through your videos to ensure that you do not have any copyright strikes or any offensive material.
    • After the approval, the CMS team them starts to move your channel over to maker (Process can take 10-14 days)
    • After the final checks on your channel(s), you get approved and inducted into partnership.

    I signed the contract. Am I a partner?

    No not yet. After you sign within a week (see above) we'll counter sign the contract as well. After this we'll introduce you to our CMS team which will guide you through the rest of the process.

    After signing the contract on average it takes about a week to bring you in but can take longer (or shorter) depending on your situation and the backlog


    I got rejected for copyrighted content. I don't have any strikes?

    Just because you don't have a strike doesn't mean you're not violating copyright. Just like you might be able to steal a candy bar from the store w/o being caught violating copyright and not getting a strike doesn't make it any less illegal. Here are some common misconceptions.

    • "uncopyrighted music" is not a thing. If you use music from an "uncopyrighted" music channel you need to go to the artist yourself and make sure they give permission.
    • If you DO use music make certain you are crediting its source and how you have permission from the author. We recommend sticking to artists who license their work under creative commons and easily make this known on their website.
    • Check out incompetech.com and joshwoodward.com for examples of royalty free music and how to credit them.
    • Even if you use just a few seconds of copyrighted music, in most cases its still a copyright violation.
    • If you're uploading video game content it needs to have some sort of commentary over it unless you have been given permission from the game creator (this is uncommon) to upload it w/o this.

    How serious is violating copyright on Youtube?

    • Copyright violations are a serious thing. Knowingly violating copyright and not acting about it holds SERIOUS fines.
    • We have to be very cautious about accepting channels into the network so we are over protective here.
    • It should be noted too if you do join and have copyright violations afterwards we are forced to remove you too. (There are other penalties too)
    • Please clean up your channel following the guidelines provided and if you are certain you've done so completely feel free to apply again.



    How do payments work?

    The way payments work is as follows. Say you joined and were fully monetized in our system January 5th. You'll earn for your videos for the rest of the month of January and can track your progress at YouTube Analytics under Estimated earnings (remember this is before the rev share split per your contract with us).

    At the end of the month YouTube (though you go through us they still serve the ads since its their website) closes out the month and starts counting earnings towards February.

    We then turn around and normally on or around the first but by at least the 15th of March issue you payment for January.


    How do I change my payment information?

    In order to change your payment information, you should send us a support ticket.

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