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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The following are a set of commonly asked questions related to Social Blade.
    Look here first before contacting support or asking in the chat and you'll save yourself a lot of time.



    What is Social BLADE and What can it Do?

    Social Blade is a statistics website that allows you to track your statistics and measure growth across multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

    It is our mission for Social Blade to become your go-to place for monitoring the following of your online presence.


    Why can't I find my channel?

    YouTube has implemented several updates recently that may make it difficult to find your channel's statistics page. While we plan to make it easier to find your channel in the very near future, here are your current options:

    By custom URL: If you have one of the older-style custom URLs, and your channel is accessible via youtube.com/user/xxxxxxx, you can simply enter in the part that appears after /user/ (formerly referred to as your "username").

    By channel ID: If your channel is newer and does not have one of the friendly URLs yet, you may be able to find your statistics page via your channel ID. If you currently access your channel using youtube.com/channel/UCxxxxxxx, first grab the part that appears after /channel/, then remove the prefixed "UC", and put that into the channel search box at the top of the website. If this doesn't work for you, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.


    Why do my Views on Social Blade differ from Youtube Analytics?

    In order to best scale our tracking to meet the needs of millions that use Social Blade, we pull data from YouTube's public API. This means that we're getting the same information you see on public YouTube channel pages, we just work to examine that data across multiple days and aggregate it into a display format that is useful to you.

    That being said, Social Blade is not a replacement for YouTube Analytics, but rather another resource you have for viewing information about other channels and seeing user-friendly information about your own channel on-the-fly. YouTube Analytics will typically be the most up-to-date, as it's private data that's only available to you, the channel owner.


    How are estimated earnings calculated?

    Estimated earnings are just that, estimated. We take a low CPM value ($0.25 USD) and a high CPM value ($4.00 USD), numbers that we have found to be common from our partners, and multiply them by the number of views the channel gets per day. This assumes that every view on the partner's channel is monetized, which is usually not the case.

    The number isn't supposed to be read as religion but to give you a general feeling of what they might be earning. It is updated regularly so mouse over the column header to see the values used to calculate it at any given time.


    How often does Social Blade update the stats?

    We update channels based on how frequently their statistics page is visited. We strive to get the most up-to-date statistics on every channel at least once a day, but if we see very little traffic to a particular channel's page, it may be updated less often and you will see multiple days of information clumped together..

    If you find that your channel is not updating on the daily, we recommend that you make a habit of checking your Social Blade page at least once per day..


    What is the SB Rank all about?

    When Social Blade was created we first just listed rankings based on number of subscribers and number of views, but it quickly became evident that this was not an accurate indicator of how people were actually doing on YouTube.

    Someone could have a bazillion subscribers that they cheated to get without having any actual views. The SB ranking system aims to measure a channel's influence based on a variety of metrics including average view counts and amount of "other channel" widgets listed in.

    If you have a A+, A, or A- SB rank, then you can consider yourself very influential on YouTube. If you're not there quite yet, don't fret - just keep up the good work!


    What does my view count show a negative number or zero for a day?

    Negative numbers most commonly appear on your Social Blade stats page when you switch one of your videos to unlisted, private, or delete it entirely. YouTube's total view count only counts views on your videos that are public, so when you take one of these actions, it adjusts accordingly.

    Negative numbers can also appear when YouTube audits view counts. This happens automatically every once in a while, when YouTube has determined that they made a mistake or a change in their algorithms.

    Days that display zero views are caused by YouTube taking more than 24 hours to update your channel's total view count, which may happen on occasion. This is nothing to worry about, and your view count should update the following day.



    What are the Requirements for Youtube Partnership through Social Blade?

    • You need at least 500 Views per Month (17 views / day average over the last 30 days)
    • The Contract is for 2 Years. This is a legally binding contract.
    • You may not have any content on your channel for which you do not own the necessary copyrights. We recommend that you use royalty free music from sites like Incompetech or Josh Woodward
    • If you have met these requirements, go to your Social Blade profile and click Apply for Partnership!

    Who am I Partnered With?

    We provide our partnership services through Maker Gen, a product of Maker Studios. If you apply for partnership through Social Blade and are approved, you become an official Social Blade partner in addition to being a Maker Studios partner. Partnering through our website gives you access to everything that Maker provides, in addition to an added level of support and access to many other great resources.


    I applied. How long before I hear back?

    • The partnering process varies based on many factors. To receive an initial response, it can take up to a week.
    • The staff look through your videos to ensure that you do not have any copyright strikes or any offensive material.
    • After the approval, the CMS team then starts to move your channel over to Maker Studios. This process can take 10-14 days.
    • After the final checks on your channel(s), you get approved and inducted into the network.

    I signed the contract. Am I a partner?

    Not yet, but you're almost there! After you sign the contract, we will counter-sign, which usually happens within the same week. Once this is finished, you will receive another email with instructions to accept Maker Studios' request to link your channel with their network, at which point you will officially become a partner!


    I got rejected for copyrighted content. I don't have any strikes?

    Just because you don't have a strike doesn't mean you're not violating copyright rules. Just like you might be able to steal a candy bar from the store without being caught, violating copyright laws and not getting a strike doesn't make it any less illegal. Here are some common misconceptions.

    • "Uncopyrighted music" is not a thing. If you use music from an "uncopyrighted" music channel you need to go to the artist yourself and make sure they give permission.
    • If you DO use music with permission from the artist, make certain you are crediting its source and how you have permission from the author. We recommend sticking to artists who license their work under creative commons and easily make this known on their website.
    • Check out Incompetech.com and JoshWoodward.com for examples of royalty free music and how to properly credit their sources.
    • Even if you use just a few seconds of copyrighted music, in most cases it's still a violation of copyright law.
    • If you're uploading video game content, it needs to have some sort of commentary over it, unless you have been given permission from the game creator (this is uncommon) to upload it.

    How serious is violating copyright on Youtube?

    • Copyright violations are a serious thing. Knowingly violating copyright and not acting about it can lead to serious legal repercussions.
    • When we accept channels into our network, we are essentially accepting responsibility for the content they upload. We need to be absolutely sure that you are not violating YouTube's Terms of Service or any copyright laws.
    • If you do join the network and accidentally end up receiving a copyright strike, you may be in violation of your legally binding contract.
    • We encourage you to check out YouTube's new Ad-Supported Music catalogue, which will tell you how YouTube's automated systems will impact your channel in the event that you use a commercial song.



    How do payments work?

    Payments are issued about one full calendar month after the end of an earnings month. As an example, a payment for your January earnings should be issued around March 1st (although payments can occasionally be delayed be a few days.)

    You can always keep an eye on your earnings in near real time (about two days delay) in YouTube Analytics from the "Estimated earnings" tab. Please note that any monetary figures displayed in YouTube Analytics are before the network takes their share of your earnings, as defined in your contract.


    How do I change my payment information?

    In order to change your payment information, you should send us a support ticket.


    What happens to my earnings prior to joining the network?

    Any earnings made through YouTube without a network will be paid according to the normal AdSense payment routine. When you are officially in the network, you may see your earnings disappear from YouTube Analytics; this is intended behavior, and you will still be paid out any money you earned through AdSense.

    When you join the network, payments are no longer handled through AdSense. All payments will be handled by the Maker Studios payroll team and will be paid out to whatever payment method you established when joining the network. Please see the above FAQ item for information on changing your payment method.

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