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  • Want to be featured on Social Blade YouTube Stats?

    You can get your videos automatically featured on Socialblade for free! You need to Subscribe to Urgo6667 and add him to your Featured Box!

    How to Get Featured on Socialblade:

    Step 1: Subscribe to Urgo6667

    - Go to http://youtube.com/Urgo6667 (or click this link) and Subscribe to Urgo6667 to complete the first half. Easy, no?

    Step 2: Add Urgo6667 to your Featured Box

    - Log into Youtube and go to your Your Channel Page. ie) Socialblade would be http://youtube.com/user/socialblade

    - Hover over your banner. On the top right you'll see see a box with a pencil in it. Click it and "Edit Links"

    - Scroll Down to Featured Channels and hover over the shelf. At the top corner you'll see a box with a pencil in it. Click it and "Edit Module"

    - A box will pop up. Where it says "Enter channel username or URL", enter Urgo6667. Click the [+]Add Button. You should see Urgo6667 at the top of your listings.

    - Hit the blue "Done" button.

    Step 3 - There is no Step 3. You are Done!

    - It may take a few days for your name to be entered into the database, though at this point: It is done! You are now featured in Socialblade!

    - That is it! Nothing more! Congratulations.


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