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A+ for April!

Almost a year ago on Social Blade we added a new feature that allowed you to get a letter score that indicated your channel's influence on YouTube called your SB (Social Blade) score. Some channels get an A, some a B, some a C, and so on. We've found this system, while accurate in judging your channel's influence, is very problematic in terms of relationships. So in a move to be more politically correct Social Blade is kicking off a new initiate called A+ for April. Starting April First 2012 EVERYONE will be given an A+ ranking! No more will your friends be able to loft their A rating over your C. We hope you will find this system to be helpful and thank you for your continued support in

Special Thanks to nothingfunnyleft, KittiesMama, and TammyFlores1 for helping exemplify the benefits of this program in video form! Go subscribe to all of them. Oh, and me too :)

Happy April Fools' Day On The Web :)