The Most Important Question: Why?

by Jeff Cryder Jr. on December 27, 2010

Too often businesses jump into the Social Media pool without fully understanding why. Which can be mistake since the why question tends to be the most important one to answer. The how and what are easy, but we tend to shy away from the why because it’s hard to think about and difficult to answer. Or worse, we don’t know what the right why questions to ask.

Why are we on [Insert Social Media Platform]?why image

Why are our customers on [Insert Social Media Platform]?

Why would our customers follow/like us online?

Why are we investing our time and resources?

Why are we monitoring conversation?

Why are we directing conversation?

Why are we creating conversation?

Why are we measuring ROI?

Why should we synergize our Social Media, SEO and Traditional Media Marketing?

Why are our competitors… [Insert Above Questions]

Keep in mind the answers to why questions will be unique and specific for your business. But, You’ll find having the ability to answer the why makes the how and what that much easier.

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