Five Social Media Sites for Businesses that are on the Rise for 2011

by Erin Ryan on December 24, 2010

Searching the web for Social Networks can be a daunting task. New social networks continuously come out of the woodwork and may have you banging your keyboard against your desk. If you are looking for additional social networks for your business besides the traditional of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, here are Five Social Media Sites for Businesses that are on the rise and will continue well into 2011.

Google Maps/Google Places

If you have not already, it is definitely time to sign your business up for Google Maps. Not only is it great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is extremely simplistic, it also allows you to create a free Google Places Page for your business. Google Places is where you can input information about your business, its location and post recent changes. It allows business owners to highlight coupons and deals that may be happening within you company, an ideal way to reach customers searching for your products or for your business.

Get Satisfaction

This visually amazing site is like a forum but with much needed structure. Get Satisfaction uses four functions that are consumer oriented to provide businesses with feedback and quality to their consumers.

The Four formats are:

Ask a Question – This easily connects consumers with other consumers as well as, companies and answers that they seek.

Share an Idea – Much like a focus group, which aggregates feedback that encourages conversation amongst consumers.

Report a Problem – This gives customers the ability to search the Get Satisfaction community and provides businesses with real-time insight into issues and defects.

Give Praise – A place where customers can provide testimonials.

The Get Satisfaction Platform unifies conversations across various social sites. It also has the ability to integrate with systems you are currently using, whether it is CRM, HelpDesk or Social Media Tools.

Get Satisfaction is not free; however, you can try before you buy.


Yelp is a review site and a place where you can connect your business with your local area. It can bring awareness to your business as well as connect you with people in your own backyard. You are able to use their “Talk” feature, which allows Yelpers to communicate with people in their community.

Yelp’s popularity has grown immensely in 2010; this past November more than 39 million people visited the site in a 30-day period. Yelpers have also written 14 million local reviews with 83% of those rating a business. Need I say more?


This micro-blogging site unveiled itself 3 years ago; it is only now reaching its peak amongst personal and professional users. You are able to share a variety of content from text, photos and videos, which is perfect for businesses that are unable to maintain a blog. However, if you do have a blog for your business, Tumblr makes a great addition to link your current blog to your Tumblr account and spread your quality content amongst this amazing growing community.

GrouponWorks for Business

You may be aware of a site called Groupon; however, in order to feature a business they must sign up through GrouponWorks. This will then give your business the opportunity to share quality deals and coupons to a wide range of people.

How does it work?

A short summary of how GrouponWorks for business is once you submit your offer a minimum number of people have to buy the offer prior to it becoming valid. If you are creative enough and make the offer enticing, people will want it and will then spread the word via their social networks like wildfire. GrouponWorks enables Businesses to brand and market themselves amongst thousands of local people that may be unaware of your company. This site is the ultimate way of capitalizing on word of mouth, and it is free.

With any social network, you want to have a strategy in place, a reason behind why you choose to use each social network and the ability to maintain them as well. Target your local community, your current database of consumers and build a strong online foundation that intertwines the best of both worlds.

Do you suggest any other social sites that may become all the rage in 2011?


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