Facebook Adds Impressions and Feedback Statistics to Its Pages

by Erin Ryan on November 24, 2010

Today yet another new feature quietly made its way unto Facebook, a feature that will provide Page users great information on their status updates. Facebook has added Impressions and Features below every status update on its pages.

This can be a great way for businesses to see what actually works for them and what doesn’t when they are posting to Facebook. Therefore providing statistics on every update will allow Page Owners to asset what their Demographic prefers.

How it Works?

Rollover the Impressions statistic directly under every status update which will explain what the number of impression means for you. What it will show is a raw number of times the story has been seen on your wall and in the news feed of your fans.

Beside it you will also see a number with Feedback written beside it. Feedback is the number of likes and comments per impression.

Remember this is collective data, so you will see it on past posts, not instantly on new ones. So don’t expect it to show in real-time when you post something to your wall.

This is a great start for page owners to retrieve more data on the people who have “liked” their page, which can help sculpture your Social Media strategy. These figures will help you form a closer connection with your online Facebook community and provide them with status updates that will have a higher active response unlike ever before.

What are your thoughts about Facebook adding Impressions and Feedback to Pages?


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