Hey @KevinRose Are You Listening? #diggrevolt

by Erin Ryan on August 27, 2010

The New Digg v4 has rolled out, encouraging many longtime and newcomers to the news aggregated social networking site – prior to its change – to voice their thoughts about the demise of the Digg that they helped build, and it isn’t pretty.

These Diggers have put hard work and time into Digg with careful selection of a worthy submission. Quickly perfecting the title to every sub and making the description appealing to the Digg community, in hopes that their sometimes hours of searching for that dominant and carefully selected submission  would pay off with a front page recognition or a “pop” as the Digg community calls it.

This hardworking detailed Digg community feels as though they have been short-handed with the new launch of Digg v4 since its decision to allow auto-feeds, the demise of power Digger’s and the obliteration of their history on Digg, almost nullifying their existence. This new way of doing things is what Digg is calling a “Social Integration”, allowing publishers and celebrities to take the limelight with little to no “real” contribution that was in existence prior to the change.

How is this Social?

The Digg community is not about to stay quiet. They are forcing their hand in being heard by the CEO of Digg, Kevin Rose, not only submitting this old look of Digg to the New Digg but also by taking to Twitter, tweeting:

Hey @kevinrose this is the community’s reaction to @new_digg — http://bit.ly/ddI597 #diggrevolt

It would be appropriate to say that the people have spoken and it is time that they are heard, after all, what would Digg have been without them? This is something to take into consideration, to listen to and to be respected. If Kevin Rose chooses not to listen to the voices behind the names of so many popped articles that propelled the site into popularity, there might not be a big enough shovel to Digg himself out of this dugg out hole he seems to have gotten himself in.

See what Digg Users Had to say about the Change:

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Kevin Morton August 27, 2010 at 8:15 pm

O NO CHANGE!!!!111
Things change end of. I like the new dig I couldn’t ever work out the old one, I’m sorry your cult of the internet has changed and that new people have come to ruin it for you, but change is important to the internet, move on redit will never change .

Erin Ryan August 31, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Hey Kevin!

Thanks for expressing your thoughts on the New Digg. It is great that you enjoy it and are able to understand it better than the old Digg. I am unsure if the change is what upset the Digg community, more so, them being ignored with their responses to the New Digg and their hard work and dedication that was put forth within the old Digg, wouldn’t you be upset if you spent hours working hard to find a Digg appropriate story or how about spending years doing this? Change is good and necessary within Social Media, so I agree with that, but I also think that listening to a strong built community is equally as important, don’t you?

Socially Yours,
Erin Ryan

Lloyd September 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Miss old digg. New format unfriendly and unusable. Change is fine but when you alienate your base users, you better be prepared for a revolt.
Input from community was ignored near as I can tell.
Heard of a new website called Olddogg. Lots of angry diggers migrated over there. It is the new upcoming website that is similar to digg when it started out.
The little people count there.
They have not sold out to large publishers, and the site admin was on bannedontheweb social show last night promising “power to the people”.
Hope it stays that way!

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