Lost Ears on 8 Year Olds (Episode 42)

by Urgo on May 28, 2010

If you’re looking for a boring show on Social Media definitely don’t watch this weeks episode as we were joined by the hilarious Neal Rodriguez who kept us laughing the entire time. Neal, who has worked for many companies helping them with social media and is currently writing for PBS & the Huffington Post. Neal had a lot to say regarding our stories of the week and  about Social News in general. This weeks stories ranged from the social entertainment of LOST on twitter to a company getting schooled by an eight year old and “everywhere in between”. Check it out for non-stop funnies that will also educate you!

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Stories Covered

“Lost” Finale: Social Media Spoils Old Media
This weeks airing of the LOST finale was just the latest example on how old media (TV) isn’t really keeping up with new/social media (twitter). Every week millions of west coast twitter users get LOST or whatever show they watch spoiled by viewers on the east coast who watch it live and tweet hours before it airs on the west.

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Facebook Has Ears: Your Privacy Concerns Have Been Heard
Today, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg released an announcement via the Facebook blog on how they will be making changes to their privacy policies based on the out cry of disappointment from Facebook users.
Beginning today a roll out will be gradually spreading across the over 400 million users with three noticeable changes.

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What an 8-Year-Old Taught Boeing About Social Media
A couple of weeks ago, 8-year-old Harry Winsor (son of John Winsor, CEO of the ad agency Victors & Spoils), decided to send Boeing one of his concept designs for a new plane, done in crayon. Boeing in turn responded as any giant company would, with a standard form letter which basically stated, “thanks for the letter, we liked to so much we put it in the trash.”

Harry’s father didn’t appreciate the response his son received and posted his reaction to boeing’s letter on his blog. His post received a lot of traffic and quite quickly caught the attention of Boeing who realized they were on the verge of a PR nightmare. Boeing acted and quickly and the story ended happily for young Harry who was invited to tour Boeings facilities. Future of Flight invited Harry to Seattle, and offered to host “Harry Winsor Design Your Own Airplane Show.” Museum of Flight also offered Harry a free tour.

What should Boeing take away from this incident? Your thoughts?

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Twitter Bans All Third Party Ad Platforms Injecting In-stream advertising
In a lengthy post, Twitter has just announced it will soon ban all third party ad platforms that inject advertising into users twitter streams. Which ultimately could spell doom for Ad.ly and the recently launched (as in today at TechCrunch’s Disrupt) Tweetup.

In a blog post, Twitter indicates that it has updated its Terms of Service, writing, “We will not allow any third party’s to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”
The move is meant to preserve “the integrity and relevance of the timeline,” according to Twitter. This of course, it also means that Twitter’s own advertising platform — Promoted Tweets — will no longer have ad competition within the stream from third-party ad networks.

How do you feel about this? think it’s a good idea, or are they sending the wrong message to developers?

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Twitter now the leader in Online Video Referals
New stats we’ve just been shown by video measurement company TubeMogul show that Twitter is quickly growing as a top referrer for web video traffic, far outpacing Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Bing.
Further, when it comes to getting users to watch videos, users who discovered a video via Twitter tend to stay around longer, too. In fact, these users will view a video for an average of just over two minutes.

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