Businesses, Social Media and your Facebook Privacy (Social Blade Ep 40)

by Erin Ryan on May 19, 2010

Wow are we ever super late in posting last week’s episode of the Social Blade Show and we apologize, it has been one crazy week.

This week on the show we were minus one and a half (sorta) of our co-hosts, while Victor Barrera had technical issues, Jason Urgo was down in Florida soaking up NASA but was able to join in for a bit. This week as we turned 40, episode’s that is, we introduced our brand new perma co-cost, Jeff Cryder.

We also discussed which SHOCKING traffic-driving social media sites, how to value a Facebook Page via an App and the relationship between Businesses and Social Media. We had a lot to say and are hoping to pick up where we left off on this week’s show. We hope you will tune in and share your thoughts.

Stories We Covered:

Top Traffic-Driving Social Media Sites May Surprise You

A graph that shows which social sites drive the most traffic

Determine Your Facebook Page’s Value [APPS]

One of the number one things holding back businesses from seriously considering social media as a viable business strategy is the overall lack of measurement…However,

1) Yesterday Vitrue, a Social Media management company released a free metrics tool, they call it… the Social Page Evaluator

2)  The Social Page Evaluator is designed to help businesses better understand their Facebook Page’s  monetary value.

3) all you need to do is submit your Facebook Page’s URL and a monetary valuation will be computed

Your Facebook Page’s value is based off of a number of different varibles, such as:

-number of fans

-number of posts per day

-and level of engagement which is based off a LOW, MEDIUM, to HIGH scale

To show you an example we’ll show Social Blades valuation according to Vitrue’s the Social Page Evaluator

What you are seeing is a snap shot in time of our Page’s value.

You can also click on the Fan-tasize tab. This allows you to change the measurement variables manually in order to maximize your pages monetary potential.

[via Mashable]

Social Media: Shaking Hands with Businesses

Social Media’s value has risen since its first days of Tom becoming your friend. We have seen the growth from blinging out a page to condensing words into 140 characters or less. The intense growth has multiplied in recent years to adapt to the way society yearns to communicate. Radio and Television have had no choice but to jump aboard the social rush and celebrities have even chosen to enter the homes of their fans via the Internet.


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