Saving Lives with Social Media

by Erin Ryan on May 17, 2010

There are currently, 4 million poisonings each year and it being the second cause of childhood injury in the US alone it seems that the State of California is stepping up to help keep us safe. The California Poison Control is taking Social Media to a whole other level. Yes, even Healthcare is beginning to see the light on the importance of Social Media and is going to help save lives with utilizing Facebook and Twitter.

The California Poison Control (CPCS) has recently launched a brilliant and innovative bilingual Social Media compilation of information about poisons in both Spanish and English. It allows the user to have free text messaging, tips and news about poisoning and how it can prevent illnesses and deaths. You can also have Twitter updates and Facebook quizzes to stay in the know.

With so many household poisons, The California Poison Control is about to hit ground breaking territory that could save millions of lives with the force of Social Media. It is refreshing to see that healthcare is campaigning through our Social Networks and perhaps could begin a chain reaction within the healthcare system.

If you would like to receive free texts from The California Poison Control, just type into your cell phone the words TIPS or PUNTOS (for Spanish) to 69866, which will then send weekly poison preventing tips to your phone. You can also play educational games with your kid’s by taking part at CPCS’s games or you can go to their Facebook Page and play more games there and receive more life saving information. They currently have a Twitter page (@poisoninfo) as well to help keep you in the know and to have you and your family remain safe.

Do you think this will bridge the gap between health-care and social media?


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