Is This the Year that Businesses Learn to Sharpen Their Social Media Skills? Thurs. 7pm Pacific

by Erin Ryan on May 12, 2010

Put on your suit and tie and join your Social Blade hosts Erin Ryan, JD Rucker, Jason Urgo, Jeff Cryder and Victor Barrera as we dissect current Social Media news. Let’s talk about social media integrating into businesses and if they will be able to hack it? This week we have a special guest host, Tammy Rucker.

Guest: Tammy Rucker


Ok, so you we don’t really want you to put on a suit and tie, your jammies will do. However, we do want you to sign-in to UStream and take part in the show.

This is Where YOU Put the Social in Social Media.

The Brand New Social Blade Team :)

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