Episode 16: Tom’s Haunted Asylum

by Urgo on October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Social Blade team! Watch this weeks episode and see all of our costumes! On the show we featured our seasonal opening drawn by our very own Erin Ryan, talked about the browsing habits of the entire Internet population, talked about myspace’s Tom Anderson and what happened when he created an account on Facebook, and much more. We also were very fortunate to have Asylum.com’s Brian Child’s join us and give us some insight into his world.

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This Weeks Topics

Facebook Accounts for 25 Percent of Page Views
According to Drake Direct, they examined data taken by Compete that should 25% of page views are coming from our friend, Facebook.
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19% of U.S. Internet users Tweet
According to the Pew Internet Project report, 19% of the U.S uses Twitter and it’s quickly growing.
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Twitter Offered $500,000 to run Advert
If you don’t believe twitter’s lofty valuation is true just look what one site did this past week.  Social Media marketing site uSocial offered twitter half a million dollars to host just one banner ad for just one day.

When asked about this uSocial chief executive Leon Hill said “While $500,000 may seem like a large amount to invest in one banner for one day, we believe that the investment will be more than worth it.”

While this may or may not be true there has not yet been public word back from twitter regarding an answer and no banner has gone up yet.  Perhaps uSocial never expected twitter to accept anyway and their real plan was to just pick up FREE advertisemt from everyone covering this story.
[via telegraph]

University Makes Twitter a Required Class for Journalism Students
Don’t be late for class, Australia’s Griffith University who recently made Twitter a mandatory course for their Journalist students.
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Three Years After Their Acquisition, Reddit Founders Move On
It will be no trick on Halloween, it is true, the Founders of Reddit are moving on, Steve Huffman and Alexia Ohanian say goodbye to Reddit on October 31st.
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Tom Vs. Facebook?
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Teens Adopting Twitter
As recently as August 2009, blogs and media outlets reported that teens are just not taking to the Twitterverse, instead opting for text messaging, social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, and other communications tools such as IM. The reasons for not using Twitter ranged from privacy concerns to the devices they used to communicate.
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Guest: Brian Childs From Asylum.com

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