We’reeeeeeeeeeeeee Bacccccckkkkkkkkkkkk…well sorta.

After a few months apart and new adventures unfolding, we have missed you. Therefore, we have decided to do a Summer Party Reunion Show to get caught up with you and speak our minds regarding Social Media changes, like we always did.


Who Are WE?

ALL of the Social Blade hosts that ever existed are returning for this Special Occasion which include, JD Rucker, Erin Ryan, Jason Urgo, Jeff Cryder, Patrick Parise and Victor Barrera! Yes, that’s right! We will ALL be together for the very first time ever! Furthermore, you my friend are invited to part take in the reunion, since you have played such a fantastic and supportive role in any and all Social Blade related ventures and beyond.

What does that mean?

It means, you will be able to join in! We will take phone calls to discuss Social Media topics with you and answer any questions you may have for any of the hosts or for the successful Social Blade YouTube stats. We are hoping to reunite all of our listeners and truly look forward to spending a few hours with you.

You can join by Skype or we will provide a phone number in which you can call in when the show is LIVE!

SO, don’t be shy this Thursday July 14th at 7pm PT/10pm ET – Instead let’s gather together to reminisce and more!

You can do so by watching right from the Social Blade Blog

You can RSVP on the Social Blade Facebook Page

Even ask a question in advanced here or on our Social Networks including our Social Blade Twitter Account!

This is Where YOU Put the U in Reunion! We are Social Blade…

The Social Blade Team 🙂

P.S. – Please be mindful of all age groups listening to the Social Blade reunion show and keep it PG.


It comes with great sadness that this will be the last episode of the Social Blade Show at least for the foreseeable future. Please note, this is only the show that is going away, the youtube stats sites, digg stats site, blog, youtube channel, twitter account, facebook account, etc will still be up and going.

We as a team all had great ambitions for the Social Blade Show but when it comes down to it we just didn’t as a group have the time to get there. We decided that rather then running a show where we now had to start skipping weeks left and right due to travel or other circumstances we would put the show to rest while it was still hot. No one likes when their favorite tv show withers away due to the writers not being able to give it there all (Hereos anyone?) and we just felt that it would be best to wrap up (at least for now) on a high note.

We wanted to thank everyone who has helped and joined with us over the years; anyone who has ever guested on the show, anyone who has ever watched a show either live or on youtube, anyone who has ever even interacted with us on twitter, facebook, or our other social networks. Your support has been truly remarkable and we hope that you follow our individual projects until, if the day shows itself, we are able to gather back together and put on another show.

Until then though, I am, you are, we are, Social Blade.

Thank you,
Jason Urgo
Jeff Cryder
Erin Ryan
JD Rucker
Patrick Parise
Victor Barrera

Here are some of our links to where we will still be active:
Jason Urgo:

Jeff Cryder:

Erin Ryan:

JD Rucker:

Social Blade Links which still will be around:


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” – Semisonic – Closing Time

After almost two years and 72 episodes The Social Blade Show is sheathing its blade.

As much as we’ve enjoyed interacting and engaging with you during our live shows, the hosts of The Social Blade show have realized as a group, over the past couple of months that each of us currently have a lot occurring in our individual lives that has prevented us from giving The Social Blade Show the TLC it deserves.

We appreciate your viewership, camaraderie and fellowship.

However, we do not want our relationships to end here, for the end is only the beginning to something new and we want to share our individual experiences with you.

Please note that the Social Blade site including the YouTube Stats section along with the Social Blade social networks will still be available to keep us connected with you.

Join us for our last LIVE broadcast where we will open the lines and try to bring as many of you on as possible to join in this farewell celebration Thursday February 17th 2011 at 7pm PT/10pm ET.


The Social Blade Team 🙂

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