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Social Blade Youtube Chat (IRC)

Welcome to the Social Blade IRC Chat. Here you can talk about various YouTube and Social Blade aspects. If you have any questions pertaining to partnership, please fill out a support ticket.

Rules of the Social Blade IRC Chat

Please read over and accept the following rules before continuing to the Social Blade IRC Chat.
1) Please treat others with respect and be aware that chat is used by all ages.
2) No spamming/Flooding. This covers both links/non-links.
3) No sub4sub/box4box/like4like/etc.
4) Though other languages are allowed: please be aware that english is preferred.
5) No recruiting for other networks, sub networks, data-aggregators, syndications, etc.
     Note: +Users are verified. %users are half-mods, and @users are full mods.
I Agree to Follow these Rules

Information about the Chat

What is this for? At Social Blade there are so many people checking their stats every day but no real way to interact with people so enter YouTube Chat. Here you will be able to talk in real time with YouTubers all around the world.

Find new people to colab with, ask and answer questions about things on YouTube, gripe about YouTube maintance mode, whatever!

If you don't get an immediate response hang around a little while and wait for some others to join.

Alternatively, if you're a power user you can connect via irc: #SocialBlade

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