New Monetization Review Policy

New Monetization Review

YouTube is changing how monetized videos will be approved soon. As reported by tubefilter, according to a letter sent by Maker Studios to some of its Affiliate Partners, YouTube will begin a process called monetization review on some (not all) newly-uploaded videos. This is set to begin in January, and could have major consequences for YouTubers.

Basically, this is an effort by YouTube to protect copyright. Sometimes, when a new video is uploaded, it will go through a review process that could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. For channels that rely on fast publishing this could be a huge obstacle. However, the letter also states that the more videos you have approved, the less you will be selected for review.

YouTube CashPredictions about Monetization Review

Maker suggested in their letter that YouTubers begin uploading videos several days before the scheduled release. They also suggest keeping the video as unlisted until it is approved. However, for many YouTubers, this isn’t a viable option. YouTubers who report on news or are trying to get out a Let’s Play video about a new strategy could really suffer.

Of course, no one is really expecting that this will run smoothly either. Just look at the fiasco from the new comment system. Not only didn’t it work for many YouTubers, but it seemed to encourage spam instead of filter it. YouTube seems to need time to work out the kinks every time they launch something new, and this probably won’t be an exception.

YouTube has not made an official announcement about this change yet, so the final product and process may be different than what has been reported. Still, the best thing for any YouTuber to do to prepare for this is what you should already be doing; obey the copyright laws!

How to Follow Copyright Laws

You are responsible to only upload content that belongs to you. That means that you cannot use video clips from other YouTubers, TV, movies, trailers, or just found elsewhere on the Internet. You also cannot use music that is not your own.

The only exceptions to this is when you have express permission from the copyright holder (who is sometimes NOT the artist), or use music or videos that are royalty-free. You still have to give credit in the description of your video for it to be legal. We also suggest you explicitly state in your description if you are using music you composed and/or performed yourself.

You can find royalty-free music through YouTube’s Audio Library, and my favorite music site,

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Written by Jenna

  • PerformerFX

    Well since I have over 100 monetized videos and no trouble since over 3 years: I guess I won’t get picked that much :)

  • Bryn Coan

    Every single video on my channel is royalty free or creative commons with the correct attribution. I have enjoyed a trouble free run since being with Social Blade. Before that I seemed to have a video pulled up for copyright at least once a week.
    I really don’t to go through all that again. Come on Youtube, come up with a better way!!!

    Feel free to check out some of my videos to see how I give credit in the description and at the end of every video.

  • Michael Smits

    Hopefully I don’t get picked. Although I don’t think I will. I’ve had a clean channel for a couple of years with no issues. But to everyone that does, definitely upload your videos as unlisted, if you can. Since some channels mainly get views from their subscribers.

    Before I was partnered, all my videos had to go under the review process, some took 2-3 days. Some even took a month?! It was a big relief once I was partnered because this was a big issue for me. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Kizi 2

    This information is very useful , thank you