Google+ Required to Comment

YouTube has finally done it. Unless you have and link your Google+ account to YouTube, you can no longer post comments.

G+ and YouTubeThis is the latest in a series of moves that many feel are killing the community on YouTube, and forcing YouTubers to have G+ accounts. In September, YouTube announced this change, and we reported on it, but it’s now becoming active.

According to YouTube, this allows for better control by content creators of the comments on the videos. Conversations can be public, or kept private between people in G+ circles. Content creators can also block words, auto-approve comments based on G+ circles, or still choose to review comments before posting them.

Another change is that comments will now be organized by rank instead of chronology. Rank is determined by who writes the comment, +1s, and replies to the comment. People who are in the content creator’s G+ circles will automatically rank higher, as will comments that have been responded to by the creator.

Google has said that users will still be able to comment without using their real names, although this takes an extra step that many users will not take, or know how to take.

Right now, the switch over has many YouTubers confused. It’s also frustrating for users who want to comment on videos but are now unable to because of the way their G+ circles are set up. It’s also cumbersome for YouTubers who have multiple channels, especially when some channels are personal, and others business-related. Unlimited characters has also led to a number of very long, spammy contents that are annoying for most users.

Unfortunately, if you want to keep being a YouTuber and commenting, you don’t have a choice. Our best advice is to set up that G+ account, and spend some time organizing those circles.

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Written by Jenna

  • Alexander

    People have complained about YouTube changing in the past, but this is just the most ridiculous, useless and CRUEL update thus far. This is nothing but forcing their crap down our throats. All Google Plus is used for is Hangouts. That’s it.

  • danohart

    “Unfortunately” …… aww….you sadden me. It’ll be good for content creators. We’ll see some great fan interaction because of this in the near future. That is…if creators care enough about their fans.

  • GreenGully

    “although this takes an extra step that many users will not take”
    Can you explain further how is can be done?

  • I_warned_ya

    I admired Google right up to the moment I was shut out of my own YouTube page because I refused to submit to their blackmail. They are like drug dealers- give the victim a taste and discus the price later.
    I hope others will join me in boycotting YouTube.

  • jozef

    youtube is good for

  • jozef

    all people think that the is goob