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    Twitter Stats? One of our most requested features is now live!

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    Lifestyle vlogger Marina Joyce's latest video prompts fears of domestic violence, kidnapping

    Announcing: Social Blade Twitter Statistics

    Posted on: 2016-07-22

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    Posted on: 2016-07-20

    YouTube debuts Creator Hub to organize creator resources

    Posted on: 2016-07-14

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    What is Social Blade

    Social Blade is one of the longest running YouTube Statistics tracking websites that allow you to see your channels growth with ease! We also offer Instagram and Twitch statistics, enabling you to track your reach across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

       Social Blade offers many different features, including the ability to...

    • Track your YouTube progress with daily subscriber & total view count gains/losses
    • Compare key YouTube metrics of up to 3 creators simultaneously
    • Discover what multi-channel network or management agency a creator belongs to
    • Find out when you might hit a milestone amount of subscribers
    • Estimate how much money various YouTubers are earning
    • Watch your subscriber and view counts update in real time as you near celebratory milestones
    Mobile App:    Chrome Extension:       Contact Social Blade Support   

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