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    Facebook is testing another Snapchat competitor, "Messenger Day"

    Google acquires influencer marketing platform FameBit

    Posted on: 2016-10-12

    Snapchat to add queue feature, removing auto-play from all stories

    Posted on: 2016-10-09

    Twitch Prime: Amazon Prime subscribers now eligible for Twitch perks

    Posted on: 2016-10-06

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    Wosh ur Bones

    27,174 Total Subscribers

    4,723,538 Video Views

    39 Videos Uploaded

    Obey Rebirth

    102,288 Total Subscribers

    971,414 Video Views

    0 Videos Uploaded

    Social Blade

    145,969 Total Subscribers

    2,235,791 Video Views

    462 Videos Uploaded

    Marco Ripà

    35,020 Total Subscribers

    10,348,694 Video Views

    403 Videos Uploaded

    Anto Puñales

    423,359 Total Subscribers

    25,847,306 Video Views

    74 Videos Uploaded

    Super GT

    30,651 Total Subscribers

    7,857,488 Video Views

    756 Videos Uploaded


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    Erlania Pontes

    429,216 Total Subscribers

    203,865,275 Video Views

    298 Videos Uploaded

    Canal Desenho

    107,297 Total Subscribers

    30,913,873 Video Views

    45 Videos Uploaded

    YellowBrickCinema -…

    1,150,073 Total Subscribers

    425,727,852 Video Views

    1,468 Videos Uploaded

    MilArt Marroquin

    436,172 Total Subscribers

    129,316,688 Video Views

    505 Videos Uploaded


    1,540,643 Total Subscribers

    516,724,505 Video Views

    55 Videos Uploaded


    5,726,957 Total Subscribers

    6,194,959,653 Video Views

    2,440 Videos Uploaded


    447,535 Total Subscribers

    234,157,081 Video Views

    13 Videos Uploaded


    325,133 Total Subscribers

    292,604,296 Video Views

    1,244 Videos Uploaded


    178,606 Total Subscribers

    78,088,760 Video Views

    1,287 Videos Uploaded


    What is Social Blade

    Social Blade is one of the longest running YouTube Statistics tracking websites that allow you to see your channels growth with ease! We also offer Instagram and Twitch statistics, enabling you to track your reach across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

       Social Blade offers many different features, including the ability to...

    • Track your YouTube progress with daily subscriber & total view count gains/losses
    • Compare key YouTube metrics of up to 3 creators simultaneously
    • Discover what multi-channel network or management agency a creator belongs to
    • Find out when you might hit a milestone amount of subscribers
    • Estimate how much money various YouTubers are earning
    • Watch your subscriber and view counts update in real time as you near celebratory milestones
    Mobile App:    Chrome Extension:       Contact Social Blade Support   

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